Wednesday, May 14, 2008

China Earthquake.

In the past couple of days, I have received numerous questions from friends and family back in the US about the aftermath of the 7.8 earthquake in Sichuan province.

There has been constant 24-7 coverage of the earthquake and rescue effort on TV.

I have personally visited Sichuan province on 2 occasions. I have been to Chengdu, Chongqing as well as the Wulong Panda Preserve.

While some of Sichuan is flat, the entire area at the epicenter of the earthquake has a mountainous terrain where the only roads are 2 lanes that run on the sides of massive cliffs. These roads have been blocked by rock slides and broken pavement. This has stranded rescue workers.

Chengdu seems to have held up pretty well. Otherwise the death toll would be much greater. The government has mobilized tons of soldiers to help with the aid of survivors. Also good is the fact that Chengdu was center to a lot of new construction. Cranes, and heavy equipment from construction sites have been used as well.

This is crazy.


DC Fellow said...


I have a friend who is in Shen zhen who has stopped communicating with people in the states about a month ago. From what I gather from your blog the earthquake did not effect your area correct? I am obviously concerned and would appreciate a reply. Thank you.

Mike said...

yea, shenzhen was very far away from the earthquake.

whats your friend's name? there arent that many foreigners in shenzhen.

DC Fellow said...

His name is James Prescot. I believe he attends the Univeristy in Shen Zhen.