Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blogspot unblocked (finally) in China

Woah. Look! Blogspot is back up in China. That's weird. How many months was that??

One of the reasons I wasn't posting was because it was blocked. I guess that excuse is out.


mary ann said...

hi mike,
i've been meaning to contact you as we seem to have similar interests and similar backgrounds: i too went to high school in new jersey. if you're around next week would it be possible to meet? i'm curious about how you work undercover...

Mike said...

hey Mary Ann, im actually heading over to Beijing late next week. We can get together sometime Monday or late Tuesday.

Arthur Yip said...

Hello Mike, Blogger has been unblocked for almost a month in Shenzhen. I'm wondering if this is for the good of public relationship during Beijing Olympic Games.

Maybe, we will not visit blogspot post again when September comes?

Mike said...

we'll see what happens with our blogspot for the forseeable future. It is certain that it will be off/on/off/on.

that's china for you.