Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shenzhen, here we go

Working in any company is an interesting experience. However, when it's a random toy company in the heart of Shenzhen’s Special Economic Zone miracle, it gives a unique frame of reference.

I have been fortunate enough to be given the unique opportunity to go directly from graduation to a position of influence and decision making. As the head of foreign communications and a manager in the R&D department, I have began to see, experience and to be apart of many interesting aspects of business, production, and the corporate lifestyle. Also, as a yuppie, living in the vibrant dong-men area of Shenzhen, I will learn and experience many of the social and cultural aspects of Chinese modern life that is unknown to me. Through my friends and relatives in around Shenzhen, I will be given many opportunities to interact with the local population as locals do.

It is my goal to document these situations. Not only will I document them, I will also attempt to analyze these experiences in the context of globalization, culture, society, the global economy and personal relations and interactions between people. Ultimately, I hope to bring a little more light to the world behind the great wall.