Sunday, April 08, 2007

Door to Door Male Cosmetics

Something interesting just happened.

At 4:45 pm Sunday, my apartment door bell rang. After opening the door, I found 2 guys, about 20-25 years old attempting to sell me cosmetic products. How weird.

Here's the low down:
  • Guy 1 wore a nice suit and seemed to have his stuff together. Guy 2 was a younger "intern" who looked lost and didn't know what he was doing... standing back in the hallway
  • Guy 1, who was making the pitch, first showed me his name card and introduced his company. I was then told that my line of apartments in the building (the H-line) had been targeted for a promotional cosmetic items for men and women. Lucky me.
  • He let me smell the different aromas as well as rubbed cream on the back of my hands.
  • He asked what my name was, if my girlfriend was in (because she would be really attractive), if I was from HK and what kind of products I use.
  • He showed me another set of French branded, female products that my hott girlfriend could use... but didnt want to explain too much about it because... hey, we're guys... and we dont talk about girl stuff.
  • For only 99.95 RMB, I could receive a unisex package of 5 products that retails for 600 RMB. On top of that, I would get the female package of 5 products for free! What an outstanding deal!!
Being that I only have 50RMB cash on me, I refused the offer. No biggie. I was also questioning the legitimacy of what they were saying. I could imagine 2 guys, who have nothing to do, buying a set of cosmetics for 40RMB wholesale, walking around trying to make a buck.

Nonetheless, I guess the sales industry is pushing forward... door to door. I just didnt expect 2 random guys. Cute girls would be a much better sell.

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