Wednesday, August 06, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics

I’m officially on my way to the Olympics.
  • I have my bags packed.
  • I found a relatively cheap business hotel in Chaoyang District for about 400 RMB per night.
  • I have my tickets ready – 4 events including a basketball game between the USA and Angola.
  • I called friends and family who I’m going to hang out with
  • I’m going to attend a pre-Olympics Columbia alumni function in Beijing
  • I have the Olympic spirit
  • I even have an Olympic T-shirt
In the past few days, there has been a lot of talk about increased security for the Olympics. Due to the recent terror bombings in Xinjiang province, the security ramifications have affected the entire country.

I have seen guard dogs and increased security in Shenzhen’s subways.

I’ve been searched and re-searched in the airports, and even had to take off my shoes. That never happens in China.

I tried having a family friend help book me a hotel room that would be cheaper than I would be able to find. She could use her connections and book the room in someone else’s name to book a 4 star hotel for about 350 RMB. Typical 4 star rates are more than 1500 RMB. However, due to the terrorist bombings, all hotels are requiring that all guests be registered in his/her own name. So much for the 4 star hotel.

Even with all these possible issues, the Olympics experience is going to be great!

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