Saturday, October 11, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics: Volunteers EVERYWHERE!

Immediately after the closing ceremonies, there were nonstop coverage by the Chinese media on the end of the Olympics. As every event completed its final game or match, the final medals had been handed out and the crowd had left, only the volunteers were left.

After a month's long work as an Olympic volunteer it was a perfect time to relax and unwind at the venue they had worked so hard in. People were running around the bases in the baseball stadium and taking pictures in the beach volleyball sand in Chaoyang Park. Everyone was enjoying a job well done and a successful Olympics.

The number of volunteers that were employed during the Beijing Olympics was unbelievable. Not only were there thousands of official volunteers selected by the city, there were also local mobilization of citizens. At all of the major tourist sights, in the subway stations, on the streets, in the small neighborhoods and everywhere in between, there was someone to help out. All of these people were constantly looking over Beijing - making sure it was safe, friendly and welcoming to both the athletes, coaches and tourists from all countries.

As my mom’s friend in the China All Women’s Federation said: Just give these volunteers a T-shirt and arm band and they’ll mobilize together. These old people in the neighborhoods constantly gossip and know just about anyone. Terrorists? Yea right.

Here are some of the volunteers I came across:

At Wangfujing - these people know 4 different languages

A girl got lost in the metro station! Here come the volunteers.

China Mobil Volunteer station near the Beijing Military Museum

Old People hanging out

Young People hanging out

Everyone's an volunteer.

China Mobile Volunteer Stand near the Guo Mao area

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