Wednesday, October 15, 2008

China Related Links

I've recently come across many interesting, in-depth articles related to both Shenzhen and China. While I would love to post reactions to all of them, there are just too many interesting things to say. See for yourself.

A Massive Migration - describes the life of the typical migrant worker with interviews, statistics and current developments of migrant issues

The New American - An interesting yet sometimes ignorant Esquire magazine article relating to entrepreneurialism in China for young American expats.

Shenzhen Starts Spreading the News - An Australian perspective on the development of Shenzhen, its future and entrepreneurialism.

Silent Busts - An Economist article analyzing collapsing Chinese companies in recent months and the insufficient Chinese bankruptcy laws that govern them.

Keeping it Green - An Newsweek article focusing on the environmental success of the Beijing Olympics and how the city can keep recent gains regarding environmental quality.

China Sneezes, Latin America Catches a Cold - An article describing the interdependncy of the world economy and how China's slowing economy will shake Latin America


Backdoor Adventures! said...

Hi Mike,

My name is Richard and me and a buddy just moved near Shenzhen from the states to work as managers in one of the factories. We both just graduated from the Cal Poly MBA program and were given your blog page by the dean of the program there. You seem to know a lot about the city. Would love to talk to you more about your experiences and any good advice you have. I am sure you could also give us some good things to do around the city. Shoot me an email back.


Mike said...

hey, yea definitely. whats your info?

Backdoor Adventures! said...

my email is