Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chinese Firewall Blocks Blogspot

I’ve been reading a bunch of articles about Chinese Internet activism lately.

It all seemed to begin with Starbucks getting kicked out of the Forbidden City. Now it has spread to a variety of different aspects of life, including public opinion – agreement and outrage over government/business/other countries’ actions, political, economical and social as well.

Just when things seem to be getting better and more open, something happens. Blogspot gets blocked by the Great Firewall. It’s cool though. No biggie. I’ll still try to post from HK.


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Chris said...

A few resources that might help you out, in case you haven't found them elsewhere: - this will connect you to BlogSpot blogs (I'm using it now), but it doesn't work for other blocked sites.

Tor (
This gets around anything (so far), but it slows you way down. Best if you're using Firefox so you can switch it on and off as needed. Web-based, and seems to get around almost anything. Ads are annoying, though.