Monday, March 26, 2007

Shenzhen TV is also talking about Melissa Theuriau

Shenzhen not only has installed LCD monitors in its Taxis, but also have installed 11” LCD monitors in city buses as well. Mass media and marketing is spreading everywhere.

On my commute today, I saw something interesting being reported on Shenzhen Television Channel 1’s daily news broadcast. In an amazing display of the fusing of online media and traditional television, 深圳电视一台 was doing a report on the popularity and beauty of French reporter, Melissa Theuriau, online. Theuriau is a popular anchor in France that has been worshiped for her looks. The compilations of her reports on have nearly 1 million hits. Amazing popularity.

Shenzhen TV gave Miss Theuriau not only a 2 minute feature that included pictures, videos and quotes from various blogs. There was also extensive commentary from the news anchors, celebrating her complexion and skin color. Awesome.

Although some interesting stories discussed online should be brought over to traditional media, random mass-culture centric television reports from the premier Shenzhen TV news channel is just awkward and unexpected…especially on a subject matter relatively far from China. I guess there are just not that much interesting stuff going on in Shenzhen today.

Well, I guess she is incredibly hott…

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your informative posts because they talk about what China IS instead of what China is NOT. Talking about China from an insider's view is refreshing.