Saturday, March 24, 2007

Personalizing Shenzhen

So far in this blog, I have tried to combine personal experiences and observations to talk about different issues that I find interesting about China, whether it be relating to culture, society, the economy or politics.

The thing is, it is very difficult for me to maintain this kind of blog. I have a demanding job (that is very computer oriented) and an active social life. Add them together and it’s difficult to find 1-2 hours of free time to concentrate and write a post.

Today, I will add a new element to this blog. I will take more about my personal life. Don't worry, it wont be one of those “I had a good time at work today, I got off early and went to play basketball” blogs. What it will be is a Chinese American’s experience in Shenzhen. My plan is to hopefully write about a little bit more experiences on top of the current observations. These things will include dating, food, night life, expat community, ect… basically sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Of course, everything I talk about will be in the cultural, social, economic and political context…but it will also be less consuming for the reader and hopefully, easier to write for me. Hopefully, it will be a cross between China Law Blog and the Shanghaiist.

There are some things in China you have to experience to understand it. I can tell. I’m learning and experiencing new things everyday. Hopefully I can use my undercover-ness as a Chinese born, Chinese speaking, Chinese American and bring these experiences out into the open.

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